Eden Prairie Community Information

American Indians were the first residents of what is now Eden Prairie. In 1851, a treaty opened much of the land west of the Mississippi River, making it easy for pioneers to settle. Elizabeth Fry Ellet established the town's name when she journeyed to the area for the New York Times and declared it the "garden spot" of the territory. The farming community grew slowly over the following century until the Flying Cloud Airport opened to the public in 1946, bringing businesses and new residents to the area in droves.

Today, Eden Prairie provides an excellent environment for families and commuters. The community provides a small-town suburban feel while remaining close to all the amenities and cultural opportunities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Shopping in Eden Prairie is diverse and plentiful. The Eden Prairie Center houses major retailers as well as small shops and restaurants. Other restaurants throughout the town offer everything from casual fast food to fine five-star dining. The economy of Eden Prairie is supported by high-tech industries such as telecommunications and engineering.